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kueh kueh teethers

Kueh Lapis


A traditional colourful soft sticky rice cake that is layered and steamed with care, making it possible to peel without much resistance.

In Malay, ‘lapis’ means layer which also refers to the construct of the kueh.

Tutu Kueh


Traditionally made by steaming finely pounded rice flour with ground peanuts or grated coconut filling.

The creation of the name came from the sound “tu tu” the charcoal fired steamer made when pressure was relieved through the valve.

Ang Ku Kueh


A soft, sticky glutinous rice flour skin wrapped around a sweet filling in the centre such as mung bean or ground peanuts and sugar.

Literally translated as “red tortoise cake” which symbolizes longevity that creates a high ritual offering value during religious events or as gifts when a child is one month old.

Kueh Salat


A two-layered dessert with steamed glutinous rice forming the bottom half and a green custard top layer made with pandan juice.

Also known as Seri Muka, which means pretty face in the Malay language.

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